omfg I want this high chair for sims 3 ;__;

Anonymous asked: Where can I find Luc's socks and cute onsies?

Onesie is here (assuming this is the outfit you mean), socks I believe are basegame?



Buns, Rin's sim Delilah

On second thought, I might as well make this a lookbook type deal.

1 : Dress, Stockings (deleted tumblr), Shoes
2 : Glasses, Top, Bottoms, Overalls, Socks, Shoes
3 : Dress, Collar, Tights, Shoes, Ring

extraordinaire17 asked: Hi , I'm gonna bug you again. :P I did a little poking around and the only inconsistency in my game regarding the store retextures is that the one hair that works perfectly I also have the store version installed. It's not a huge issue for me since I could use contacts to cover the eyes but just fyi in case that gives you any clues. :) :)

Thank you! This is confusing to me too since I don’t have /any/ store content installed so I purposefully used cracked bases ermm. ;_; I personally don’t know how to fix this so I hope you don’t mind me publishing this, maybe someone who knows better will see this and can help me out?

Anonymous asked: How do your sim's tattoos show up so well? I have my graphics up and an hd mod but they're still blurry when I leave cas... what's your secret??

Umm a mix of topaz and an HQ mod really. ;_; Also, that one is on a 2048x2048 texture. I wish they were even cleaner, tbh.


Anonymous asked: Would you ever put up a male sim for download?

Ummmmmmmm hm. Maybe..? Sims up for download aren’t really my thing tbh, I don’t make many. >_> I mostly just tweak ones when I have a VERY specific face I’m going for.

Anonymous asked: Wcif the new house?





Realized I got Neweseas Serenity and Crescent mixed up and it’s now the hair shown in the preview (Serenity) but Crescent will hopefully be up soon!


Gah Deh Children.