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What world are your sims playing now? Can we see the house plan?

Meadow Glen but I’m not completely happy with it tbh. I AM VERY PICKY. Gonna try out Mayfield Springs soon actually.

there’s an upstairs but it’s like… totally… not done at all

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Your sims are literally perfect. Kiesa is stunning and Luc is soooo cute! Stay awesome and have a beautiful day! :))

Thank you so much sweet anon! ;_; <3

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What is Rp?

Role playing!

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I'm so confused , do you actually play with them and like how do you have different time periods with them and

I haven’t for a bit but yeah there’s like… A million different timelines… Umm lemme see if I can try to explain.

OKAY so like… Their original “canon” universe is fantasy based and plays through their whole lives. But for RP they have a pretty steady modern-day universe that’s a spin off of that, basically. So both of those have a steady timeline, though often I’ll draw from different parts.
I.e. Right now only Luc is born, but I still draw their daughter in the future. But right now she isn’t born yet. 

But before I started RPing on twitter (I did text RP before with a sliightly different universe so they’re basically on the same timeline) I just played the sims with “them”. So that wasn’t rp’d or anything. Just me goofing around with my characters in the sims disregarding the timeline. I might do that again sometime too. B0 idk I just like having a lot of babies when I actually play sims LOL

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You had a Luc before didn't you? With blue hair

Yup! Well canon Luc has Red hair;

But before when I played sims AU’s I just let genetics do whatever. But while I was playing that save, with blue hair Luc, I also had a modern RP universe I hadn’t brought over to sims until later. So this one is closer to the actual story thing besides… Just fooling around on the sims.

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What happened to Kiesa's other kids?

Oh. Haaa they’re saved somewhere. Though you might notice they’re named… Luc and Raina… So that was a different timeline. When I actually play the sims I let her just have them. But in her actual timeline, only Luc is born.

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Are you and rinniesims the same person?

Nope! Nah definitely not haha I’m Chisa and she’s Rin. 

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Where'd you get this pose from post/91824913677 ? That is the best newborn pose I have ever seen usually the infants look all stretched out and deformed

Actually not 100% sure which those are but I know they’re somewhere in here!

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Are you going to put it up for download anytime soon the updated version

Hmm not super soon, sorry. u~u

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Is the skin you put up for download the same one you use on your Sims

It used to be, but it’s been updated quite a bit now. Though the females is still almost identical, the males+toddlers+infants have been updated a lot.

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Is muto and kies married ?????

Yep, they are!

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A set of 8 brows I made for toddler-child because I could only find like… One other person making children brows. >_> So… Yeah. Btw, for anyone asking, these are the brows I used on Luc. They’re all hand drawn.


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nerd dad… on a whole other level