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post 88439568317 wcif his jacket?

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have I ever mentioned blonde muto hurts me cause he does

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Was happy with how this came out but idk if I’ll ever use it much tbh so I’ll share it. Newsea black bullet chopped, scalp still by newsea, shockshame textures. Slight mesh edit, just sloppily cut out a bit but I don’t see any issues with it so hopefully it’s all good? 


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What world are your sims playing now? Can we see the house plan?

Meadow Glen but I’m not completely happy with it tbh. I AM VERY PICKY. Gonna try out Mayfield Springs soon actually.

there’s an upstairs but it’s like… totally… not done at all

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Your sims are literally perfect. Kiesa is stunning and Luc is soooo cute! Stay awesome and have a beautiful day! :))

Thank you so much sweet anon! ;_; <3

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What is Rp?

Role playing!

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I'm so confused , do you actually play with them and like how do you have different time periods with them and

I haven’t for a bit but yeah there’s like… A million different timelines… Umm lemme see if I can try to explain.

OKAY so like… Their original “canon” universe is fantasy based and plays through their whole lives. But for RP they have a pretty steady modern-day universe that’s a spin off of that, basically. So both of those have a steady timeline, though often I’ll draw from different parts.
I.e. Right now only Luc is born, but I still draw their daughter in the future. But right now she isn’t born yet. 

But before I started RPing on twitter (I did text RP before with a sliightly different universe so they’re basically on the same timeline) I just played the sims with “them”. So that wasn’t rp’d or anything. Just me goofing around with my characters in the sims disregarding the timeline. I might do that again sometime too. B0 idk I just like having a lot of babies when I actually play sims LOL

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You had a Luc before didn't you? With blue hair

Yup! Well canon Luc has Red hair;

But before when I played sims AU’s I just let genetics do whatever. But while I was playing that save, with blue hair Luc, I also had a modern RP universe I hadn’t brought over to sims until later. So this one is closer to the actual story thing besides… Just fooling around on the sims.

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What happened to Kiesa's other kids?

Oh. Haaa they’re saved somewhere. Though you might notice they’re named… Luc and Raina… So that was a different timeline. When I actually play the sims I let her just have them. But in her actual timeline, only Luc is born.

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Are you and rinniesims the same person?

Nope! Nah definitely not haha I’m Chisa and she’s Rin. 

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Where'd you get this pose from post/91824913677 ? That is the best newborn pose I have ever seen usually the infants look all stretched out and deformed

Actually not 100% sure which those are but I know they’re somewhere in here!

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Are you going to put it up for download anytime soon the updated version

Hmm not super soon, sorry. u~u