Anonymous asked: Hello, Chisa! I really like your converted Ephemera Skin, it is wonderful, many thanks to you for this work. The only problem appeared today: I've tried to publish my sim with your skin to the TSR with linking to your site, and they rejected him with the next answer: "You have been rejected for linking to converted content which is considered stolen without the original artists permission to convert. Unless we see "with permission" on the attached link then we will reject for stolen content link

Sighhh. Frick. This is news to me… I’ll look into it.

Anonymous asked: hi, Ephemera E-Skin Fresh 3t4 Skin have a problem when using in male's body. His chest just like a women's breasts! Why would like this? I really like this skin, can you fix it? Thank you very much!

Yeah, uh… Just choose the male version… I can’t make things gender exclusive at this time.

Hey, so like… I wonder if anybody could help me out with creating a default skin. I think I’m ready to at least start putting textures together, but before I do I want to see all the files… I’m not sure how to explain this exactly, but basically I want a file that WOULD be what a “default” skin package would look like, and has all the working “replacements”. I.e. just has ea textures for now, but if I replaced them they would already be working in game. (does that make sense? @_@)

Could anyone help me get that, or make a package for me like that, or something? 

Anonymous asked: WCIF Muto's hair in /post/90320823987?

This is in my wcif but I’ll repost since it’s been awhile. 

Anonymous asked: fyi everything you do is pure gold <3

Thank you sweet anon<3 ;_; 

Anonymous asked: hey do you think people will be able to create a mod to unlock lipstick and other make up on males? or it need some sort of conversion? i'm so upset about this since the demo came out :(

Hopefully someone will make a mod for this but I’m not the one to do it. You can always put them in eyeliner, eyeshadow or facepaint categorys though.

Tried to Svein. He needs his own skin though. He’s kind of an Ed Westwick inspired face so idk.

I pretty much always neglect this ask blog but sometimes I get a whim to use it. @_@ Feel free to ask, if you want.

the things he does for this career track… >_>

I wanted to know what a “noxious cloud” was and HE FREAKIN FARTED ON HIM.

*gets promoted to “the muscle”*

I moved them and I’m in love with Kies and her little garden. ;_; 

people using the opposite gender skin on sims tho

More conversions… 20 random non default eyes, all by mouseyblue from this post. All credit there except the sclera is some mash up of… I don’t even know anymore… Ephemera, wundersims, ea, me, something like that. @_@